IPAF Operator Training Course

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CPCS Training is a leading provider of training for construction plant and machinery. We offer a range of operator courses, including the IPAF Operator course, which is designed to prepare candidates for safe operation of various types of MEWPs.

The IPAF Operator course covers all aspects of MEWP safety, from theory to practical operation. Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will be able to safely operate cherry pickers, aerial lifts or scissor lifts in accordance with the latest industry standards.

The IPAF Operator course covers all aspects of MEWP

CPCS Training is committed to providing the highest quality training possible, and our operators are among the most experienced and qualified in the industry. 

There are many different types of MEWPs, each designed for specific tasks and working environments. The most common type of MEWP is the scissor lift, which is ideal for indoor use in tight spaces. Cherry pickers are typically used for outdoor applications, such as picking fruit from trees, and can be either wheeled or tracked. Aerial lifts are also commonly used outdoors, and can be either boom-type or telescopic.

When choosing a MEWP, it is important to consider the intended application and working environment. Scissor lifts are typically best suited for indoor use in tight spaces, while cherry pickers and aerial lifts are better suited for outdoor use. Boom-type lifts offer greater reach than telescopic lifts, but are less manoeuvrable.

There are many different manufacturers of MEWPs, and it is important to choose one that offers reliable equipment and good customer service. Some things to consider when choosing a manufacturer include the types of MEWPs they offer, their reputation, and their customer service record. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the manufacturer you choose is certified by an accredited body, such as the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF). This will ensure that their equipment meets safety standards.

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