IPAF 3B Training Course

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CPCS Training is a company that offers a IPAF 3B course for mobile boom operators training. This type of training is designed for those who wish to operate a mobile boom lift. The course covers all the necessary topics that students need to know in order to safely and effectively operate a mobile boom lift.

Self Propelled Boom (SPB) - Mobile Boom

A mobile boom lift is a type of aerial platform that is used to provide temporary access for construction workers. Mobile boom lifts are typically mounted on a truck or trailer and can be moved around the job site as needed. They are commonly used to reach high areas during construction projects, such as scaffolding or ceilings. Mobile boom lifts can be either hydraulic or pneumatic, and most have a working height of 20 feet or more. Some models also have a horizontal reach, which allows them to access areas that are further away from the base of the lift.

Hydraulic mobile boom lifts use fluid pressure to raise and lower the platform, while pneumatic models use air pressure. Both types of mobile boom lifts have their own advantages and disadvantages. Hydraulic mobile boom lifts are typically more powerful and can lift heavier loads, but they require a constant source of power (usually a generator). Pneumatic mobile boom lifts are lighter and more portable, but they have a limited lifting capacity.

Most mobile boom lifts have four wheels (two at the front and two at the back), which makes them easy to manoeuvre around the job site. Some models also have outriggers, which can be extended to provide stability when the lift is in use. Mobile boom lifts typically have a basket or platform that can accommodate one or two workers, as well as their tools and materials.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to prove their IPAF 3B training, which is required in order to operate a mobile boom lift in the United Kingdom.

Some of the topics covered in the course include: how to properly set up and inspect the equipment, how to operate the controls, how to manoeuvre the lift, and how to safely transport people and materials. In addition, students will also learn about OSHA regulations and standards related to mobile boom lifts.