Motorised Scraper A24 course & training

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A Motorised Scraper is a piece of heavy equipment used for earth moving. The rear part has a vertically moveable hopper which can be hydraulically lowered and raised. When it is lowered, the front edge cuts into the soil or clay and fills the hopper. When the hopper is full, it is raised, closed with a vertical blade and then the scraper can transport its load to the fill area where the soil or clay load is dumped.

To operate a Motorised Scraper safely you will need to learn the name and function of principal components and attachments, how to operate the machine safely including pre-use checks; configuring for various duties and ground conditions; safe loading and unloading including ensuring correct speed and wheel control; correct load ejection heights; as well as shut down and securing procedures. In addition, you will need to learn the actions required for hazards, underground and overhead services and how to maintain safe and tidy working areas.

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