NVQ LEVEL 2 course & training

Our centre also offers a NVQ Level 2,3,4,5 and 6 assessments for all types of plant machine operators and all construction related professions!

NVQ level 2 for plant operator is a qualification which allows to expand the competence and knowledge at work. It is also aiming at improving your skills across all of your daily duties at work.

NVQ will improve your productivity as well as health and safety awareness. NVQ level 2 for plant operators is a requirement for all CPCS red card holders in order to become a competent operator CPCS blue card holder.

Red CPCS card expires after 2 years and within that time the operator is expected to upgrade to blue card by gaining 300 hours of experience at work and completing NVQ level 2 assessment.

You can not simply renew the red card after 2 years so it is very important to complete the assessment in order to stay qualified and employed. Construction and Plant Training Services offers a wide variety of NVQ assessments.

Our professional assessors are fully qualified and highly experienced. Call us now to book your earliest available assessment!

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