Telescopic Forklift telehandler course & training

The use of Telescopic Forklifts may seem to be similar to other machines without moving arms. However, Telescopic Forklifts require a greater amount of experience both in steering as well as efficient operation, of which we are convinced at Forklift training in the UK.

A participant on this course gains all the necessary knowledge to allow them to physically operate this type of forklift truck. Previous training on similar subjects and the operation of trucks and forklifts is helpful, but not necessary.

At Forklift training in England we have various models of machines, powered by electric battery, LPG cylinder as well as diesel. Telescopic Forklifts are perfectly suited for all warehouse work during the loading and unloading of goods which require specialised equipment.

They are distinguished by the large number of functions and capabilities. Nowadays there are also Telescopic Loaders. Therefore, Loader and Forklift training is a chance for promotion.

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