One of the most essential questions regarding dumper maintenance is the regularity of checks which must be carried out. There are various deadlines to be met. 

The First Service

The first service is the most important of them all. That is why it must be carried out after 50 hours of use or one month after purchasing the machine. This service must include an extensive inspection of all dumper components. Especially the internal-external air filter, the diesel filter and the engine oil filter. The first service must also check the overhaul and replacement of parts to follow maintenance regulations. This is to ensure that the machine is in optimum operation and so can be legally driven.

The Further Service

Once the first service has been carried out, the time between maintenance of the dumper becomes longer. This check-up is mostly carried out after either 200 hours of use or every four months of use. The focus of this service is on the more specific parts of the machine such as the engine, the electrical system, the hydraulic circuits and the undercarriage. However, the standard and general parts of the machine should still be checked to make sure they’re not worn down.

Further checks

Checks and Inspections should happen every time you use a dumper. Although they don’t have to be as extensive as the first service. These checks should include checking the functioning of the various components, such as the condition of the control levers and bellows, adjustment of the engine bonnet closure and the replacement of worn components and parts. You should also make sure all components are up to standard by making sure the intake and exhaust valves are cleared, cleaning the machine’s pump compartment, oil cooler and areas containing electrical cables, searching for leaks in the fuel circuit and level gauge and greasing the rollers.

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