A trencher is a type of machine used in construction for earthmoving and the creation of trenches. Trenchers have a metal chain with teeth made of high-strength steel. This allows the machine to tear into the ground as well as lift and move massive amounts of earth. Thanks to the sheer size and strength of the trencher it’s also capable of tearing through heavy tree roots and densely packed earth.

Cutting pavement 

A trencher is also an ideal machine for road repairs and maintenance as is capable of cutting through rock and concrete. On the front of the machine is a large toothed metal wheel that can cut through both soft and hard soil. 

Digging for electrical wires 

Trenchers also allow you to dig trenches for electrical cables. The machine’s conveyor belt removes the excavated materials, allowing you to spend less time working on the trench. Thanks to that, operators have more time tending to the installation of the wires.

Piping work

 A trencher can also dig a space for water and sewage piping. The key here is to dig deep enough to protect the pipes from any humans or animals that may try to reach them.

Removing Tree Roots

Thick tree roots can be a real headache on site. Portable trenchers have a blade on the end that allows them to function a lot like a lawnmower blade, enabling them to slice through roots quickly, easily and without hassle.

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