Signs your vehicle needs servicing or repairs.

Servicing your vehicle is extremely important in making sure your respective machine is up to the best standard for work. A servicing allows your machine to always be at the best of its ability. But how does one know when a servicing should take place? How can you tell the difference between wear and tear and the sign that something more serious is going on?  Below we outline common signs your machinery needs servicing as well as measures you can take to prevent costly repairs.

Discoloured or thick exhaust

A troubled exhaust is a major health concern that can threaten the well-being of you and your fellow workers. If you notice that your machine’s exhaust is thick or discoloured accompanied by an unusual smell, take action right away. The most common causes for exhaust troubles are either a clogged air filter or ventilation failure. You can solve these issues by cleaning/changing the air filter or getting the ventilation fixed.  

Low fluid levels

Having low fluid levels can cause your vehicle to wear down and malfunction over time. It’s recommended that you lubricate your equipment regularly. The most common cause of low fluid levels is leaks and blockages. Consequently if you notice that your fluid levels are low check the hose and valves. These are the most common location of leaks.

Irregular noises

Your equipment will make a lot of noise when in operation and can make it difficult to ascertain whether the sounds you’re hearing are normal or signs your equipment is being overworked. Any type of hissing, clicking or grinding noise should alert you to the possibility of a problem with the machine.

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