What to know before operating a HGV (heavy ground vehicle) in London

What to know before operating a heavy ground vehicle in London?

London is a vast city with a lot of people that never sleep. Driving a large vehicle in London is a world away from driving anywhere else in the UK. Before you dive into your new role as an HGV master, you’ll need to make sure you’re aware of the various rules and regulations associated specifically with London.

HGV: Lorry control scheme 

This set of regulations was implemented by the London councils, to help stop HGVs weighing 18 tonnes or over from causing problems for residential areas. Most HGVs weighing over 18T will not be able to drive through residential roads in the evenings and at weekends. Certain roads may also be off-limits to you.

Congestion charges

You’ll have more congestion to worry about in the capital than anywhere else in the country. Congestion charges apply based on the kind of vehicle you’re driving and its emissions. Sometimes, an HGV or lorry can incur a charge of around £100 per day in the Low Emissions Zone.

HGV safety permit

The HGV safety permit was created to address various road safety challenges in London. The HGV safety permit is a form of permit that allows lorries over 12 tonnes to travel in London. You can apply for one of these permits for free.

Bike safety issues

With London’s massive population and tight, small streets, many Londoners have taken to the bicycle to get around. Cyclists can skip the traffic in much of the capital city, but they’re also a source of surprise for a lot of drivers. Particularly those not paying attention. That’s why the mayor of London has introduced a £915 million Cycle Safety Action plan to fight against bike accidents. To ensure you’re abiding by the rules of this scheme, you need to complete the TFL course for safe driving.

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