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What is a Roller Training Course?

A roller driver training course will teach the students the crucial skills and knowledge they must have to use a roller in a productive, safe and effective manner.

The course is designed so it leads to the participants obtaining the CPCS roller ticket. A ride-on road roller is a heavy vehicle, used to compact gravel, concrete, bitumen and soil when building roads and building foundations.

Roller driver jobs in the UK pay about £28,000 on average.
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Roller Training Course Details:

On our roller driver course, it can take from 1 to 5 days to complete our roller operator course and get certified. This mostly depends on the driver’s experience as candidates with some or significant experience can take a shorter course.

At CPCS Construction Courses, we offer the candidates Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) ride-on roller training.

The roller driver course will give you all of the skills and knowledge required to get the CPCS red card demanded by almost all of the large construction companies as a proof that you have completed ride-on road roller training.
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The roller training course includes the following elements:

  • Legislation & codes of practice.
  • Roles and responsibilities of the roller driver.
  • Components and controls of the machine.
  • Preparation of the ride-on roller for work.
  • Rolling and compacting.
  • Rolling to a kerb, a camber, round curves, on junctions.
  • Placing the roller in an out-of-service condition.
  • Health & safety in relation to hazards specific to  working with ride-on rollers.

Completion of the ride-on roller training course:

The completed course ends with a theoretical and practical test. Successful candidates obtain the CPCS Trained Operator card, also known as the CPCS red card, which is the first step and it is issued for a non-renewable two-year period.

A more advanced accreditation, the competent operator card, also known as the CPCS blue card, can be achieved by gaining 300 hours of experience at work recorded and endorsed in your CPCS logbook and completing the NVQ level 2 assessment within 2 years of the red card issue date. The CPCS blue card is valid for five years and is renewable.
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