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Mobile crane – main hazards during work

How can we protect ourselves from them?

Working with a mobile crane, although beneficial in terms of efficiency and capacity to lift heavy loads, requires caution. The safety of operator and persons working in the crane area is of utmost importance. To minimize the danger, it is necessary to understand potential risks and take appropriate precautions.

Risk of accident when using a mobile crane

Roll over: one of the most common risks is the risk of rolling over. This may be due to work on an uneven or unstable surface, improper distribution of weight or error when setting the machine. It is important to check the crane location before work and make sure that the supports are properly deployed.

Damaged electrical cables: there is a risk of contact when operating near power lines. Even an accidental approach to such cables can lead to electrocution or fire. One should always be aware of the location of all electrical lines in the area and keep safe distance from them.

Falling load: if the load is not adequately secured or if the mobile crane is overloaded, there is a risk that the load will fall. This is a serious threat to both the operator, as well as other workers at the construction site.

How to ensure safety when operating a mobile crane?

Training and skills: mobile cranes should be operated only by qualified and adequately trained operators. Regular safety courses and trainings help to acquire knowledge and maintain awareness of threats.

Equipment check: before each use it is necessary to check all the components of the machine: from ropes to hooks. Faults or worn-out components can lead to failures, so regular checks are crucial to ensure safety.

Signs and signals: effective communication between the operator and the rest of the team is necessary. Using signs, signals and other means of communication helps to avoid misunderstandings and potential accidents.

Planning: each lifting operation must be carefully planned. Taking into account all factors, such as load weight, movement trajectory and the presence of other employees, helps in the effective and safe performance of the task.


Working with a mobile crane requires not only expertise but also awareness of potential threats. Through regular training, accurate planning and appropriate communication, the highest level of security can be ensured for all involved parties. By taking care of proper procedures and precautions, we can effectively protect ourselves and others from accidents.


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