The builder and contractor, what is the difference between the two

The builder and contractor, what is the difference between the two?

Most people think that builders and construction workers fall under the category of construction workers. While the duties of these professions very often overlap with each other, there are differences between the two trades. Indeed, there’s little doubt that the very best custom homes are often the result of close collaboration between both parties

What does a builder do?

Builders start on the project from the very beginning, all the way back to the planning and blueprint stage. Everything involved with the home-building process from point A to point Z will be handled by your builder. Right up until your new custom home is finally finished, fully furnished, and ready for the keys to be handed over. A builder will also have a team of individuals ready to assist at any given time. If any further specialists such as architects are needed then a builder will be able to use his connections to get the specialists quickly. 

What does a contractor do?

A general contractor is someone who will work with you to construct your project. They mostly focus on executing the construction of project plans, which are often created by outside specialists. A contractor might also have their own employees ready to assist with the myriad components of building a new home. After the planning phase, the general contractor will work to make sure your home is built to your desired specifications. This is when they hire, schedule, and pay all the necessary subcontractors to reach your goal.

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