CPCS vs NPORS: Which is better?

Those who want to train up in plant machinery operation are often faced with making the confusing choice between the NPORS and the CPCS license. In this article, we’ll look at how both courses differ so you can make the right choice for your career.

What is CPCS?

The Construction Plant Competence Scheme is a card scheme created to prove the skills of operators. Those who undergo the course are assessed for their professional competence and health and safety awareness. CPCS is the most popular course out of the two.

CPCS pros:
The main pro to taking the CPCS course is that it is widely recognised – much more so than the NPORS. Nearly every construction site in the UK will accept a CPCS card, and the course has been established for longer.

CPCS con:
CPCS is undoubtedly more expensive than NPORS and it can take longer to achieve the accreditation.

What is NPORS

NPORSis an alternative to the CPCS scheme. It became a UKCG ‘accepted record scheme’back in 2014, and carries the CSCS logo in the same way as CPCS cards.

NPORS pro:
NPORSis praised for how cost-effective it is compared to the CPCS, while stillmaintaining a high level of teaching. The accreditation also offers moreflexible methods of training, giving trainees the chance to learn on-site withtheir own equipment. CPCS is restricted to certified centres.

NPORS con:
Employersdon’t always recognize NPORS licenses, as these courses are more often used fortraining handling smaller machines or power tools.

The bottom line
If you’d like to operate large plant machinery in the future, then the CPCS course is the way to go. Your license is much more likely to be accepted by employers, and your training will be more detailed.

However, if you just want to work with smaller machinery, or want a low-cost course to get you started, then you might want to try out the NPORS. The quality of both courses is similar – so try not to worry too much!

How to earn a CPCS or NPORS card

You can register your interest in both the CPCS and the NPORS courses today by browsing our wide range of courses here, or filling out our online form here.

If you’re not sure which course would suit you best, you can get in touch with our customer service advisor who can explain the process involved with both and help you to make the best choice.

We have a wide range of modern machinery available for training which allows for a comfortable learning process, and all courses are marked at the very best UK price.

If you find the same course at a lower price elsewhere, we’ll match it.

If you’re worried about the cost of our courses, you can take a look at our finance scheme that is offered across all our training options. Simply learn now on a small deposit then pay through manageable instalments.

Trained plant operators can earn anything from £16 to £35 an hour – so it’s time to get started on working towards a secure career!



If you find the same course at a lower price elsewhere, we’ll match it.

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