What you should look out for when purchasing a Bulldozer

If you are considering purchasing a used bulldozer for your business, there are several factors you’ll want to consider. These include the machine’s operation hours, year, price and condition. Our list of things to consider before you purchase a bulldozer offers several key areas you won’t want to overlook.

Check for excessive wear and tear

Look for signs of damage and wear along the top of the blade, the cutting edge and the spill guard. One sign of excessive wear is a loose trunnion cap. Such damages may devalue the entire worth of the vehicle and may pose a threat to safety on site.

Always check the undercarriage

The repair cost for a damaged undercarriage can be costly. The undercarriage also accounts for approximately 20% of the purchase price of the machine. Uneven wear on the undercarriage can happen when operators favour steering in one direction over another or when the dozer has been repeatedly run on a hillside.

Examine the hydraulic system and engine

In addition to checking fluids and inspecting for damage, you should look for signs of leakage and check for loose belts and dirty filters. As stated above, this could devalue the worth of the bulldozer as well as pose a possible health and safety risk in the future if the bulldozer is used on-site. 

Check any attachments or upgrades

Attachments, such as a single-shank or multi-shank ripper or auxiliary hydraulics, can make a machine more valuable. Always check these attachments are in good condition and also inquire about any productivity and safety features. Ask if the machine had any type of digital attachments such as a mounted camera system, GPS or inclination monitor.

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