CPCS card

CPCS card – what is it and how to get it?

Gaining new skills in the construction industry can bring many benefits both for workers and for the industry itself. The construction sector in the UK is developing very rapidly, so skilled workers are wanted virtually all the time. If you want to invest in your skills and make it easier to find a well-paid job in the UK construction sector, the CPCS card is a good idea!

CPCS card – what is it?

The CPCS card (Construction Plant Competence Scheme) is a British competence card for construction machinery operators. CITB issues it as a document of the highest standard and it confirms the rights to operate heavy construction machinery. All employers within construction companies in the UK recognize these rights. This card confirms the skills have been tested in one of the accredited training and examination centres.

How do I get the CPCS card?

Normally, the process of obtaining the CPCS card consists of the following steps:

  • training

Check the list of available CPCS courses and select the one that matches the machines you want to operate. The training includes theoretical and practical aspects of machine operation. During the training you must demonstrate the basic skills of operating construction machinery.

  • theoretical exam

After completing your training, you must pass a theoretical exam that will test your knowledge of the rules of operation of a particular machine.

  • practical exam

Then you have to pass a practical exam that includes safe operation of the machine and associated skills.

  • submission of documents

After successful passing of the exams, you need to contact the appropriate certification body to submit your documents.

  • obtaining the CPCS card

After verifying your documents, you will receive your CPCS card that confirms your professional skills in the operation of specific construction machines.

Accredited entities and updating knowledge

It is important to choose schools that are recognized by the CPCS, such as our facility. Once you get your CPCS qualification, it may be necessary to renew your certificate regularly to confirm that your knowledge and skills are up-to-date. Procedures and requirements may vary according to the type of machine and the current CPCS regulations. You can always contact us – for information and guidance.


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