Farm tractor course

Farm tractor course and working in the UK

A farm tractor course is a specialized training which prepares participants for the safe and effective operation of agricultural tractors. These courses are essential for those who plan to start working in the UK in the agricultural sector or other areas where such machines are used.

Where agricultural tractors are used

Many different fields use farm tractors as versatile machines. These are their main areas of use:

  • field work: farmers use tractors as basic equipment in agriculture for cultivating land, sowing, and harvesting. They pull or power various types of agricultural machinery, such as ploughs, seeders, sprayers, combine harvesters, and others.
  • transportation: farmers often use tractors in agriculture to transport various materials, such as grain, fertiliser, feed, or agricultural products, using trailers or trolleys.
  • management of meadows and pastures: Operators use farm tractors to mow grass, collect hay and straw, and perform works related to the maintenance of meadows and pastures.
  • forestry: In forestry, operators use farm tractors to pull equipment for tree cutting, transport trunks and branches, and perform works related to forest care and renewal.
  • earthwork and construction: people use farm tractors for lighter earthworks and construction works. Such as digging, soil levelling, or transportation of construction materials.
  • management of green areas: people use tractors to maintain large green areas such as golf courses and parks.
  • special uses: operators use specialized tractors in vineyards, forest nurseries, botanical gardens, and other specialised agricultural areas.

Farm tractor course – process and rules

The training includes theory regarding machine operation, safety rules, the basics of machine maintenance, as well as practical exercises involving the operation and handling of farm tractors. Farm tractor courses place great emphasis on practical skills such as manoeuvring the tractor, handling trailers and agricultural tools. The training devotes a large part to work safety. From the proper use of safety belts to the principles of safe work in the field and on the road. At the end of the farm tractor course, the participants take a theoretical and practical exam. Once they have been passed, they receive a CPCS certificate allowing them to handle farm tractors.

A farm tractor course giving the opportunity to gain CPCS qualifications is an important step for anyone who wants to work professionally in agriculture or construction in the UK. It provides not only the right skills but also the basis for carrying out work in a safe and legal manner. Specialists from our training centre will be happy to tell you more about the course and the exam requirements.


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