The perks of receiving hands-on training as a crane operator

While traditional classroom theory training is a good way to learn the ins and outs of a trade, for some people the information goes through one ear and comes out the other. A good deal of people learns much quicker when they are shown first-hand how to complete something, as well as doing the task themselves. A trial of failure can make an experienced operator just as much as one who goes to all the classes and courses. Similarly, if you want to be a crane operator, being able to use the equipment and learn how it works is the best way to get real-world experience in a safe, controlled environment. Here are two benefits of hands-on crane operator training.

One-on-one Instructor engagement.

In a traditional training program, a student may not feel the need to ask questions when an instructor is giving a lecture or demonstration. A really good teacher can tell when a student isn’t engaged, but when they have more than a handful of students in their class, it may be difficult for them to give that specific kind of attention. In a hands-on environment, though, if a student has a question or doesn’t understand something, they are more highly motivated to engage with the instructor when they’re working on a machine in real time.

Easy transition from training to the job.

Once you’ve completed your training, you already have hours of experience working as a crane operator. Having had the space to practise being a heavy machine operator, you have a head start, confidence in your abilities, and support from instructors. Hands-on learning is an effective way to master any type of skills, but is especially helpful when your classroom and practical learning time can translate to something you can put on a resume.

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