SMSTS Refresher Training Course

SMSTS Refresher Training Course

Embark on a journey to enhance your skills and knowledge in site management with our comprehensive SMSTS Refresher Training Course, specifically designed to refresh and update your understanding of the health, safety, welfare, and environmental issues on construction sites.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for those who’ve finished the 5-day SMSTS training and hold a current CITB SMSTS certificate. It’s essential for construction experts responsible for project management and ensuring workplace safety.

Why choose our course?

Opting for our training ensures you are abreast with the latest in construction safety and management. Not only does it provide a thorough recap of essential safety practices, but it also introduces you to the current focus of the Health and Safety Executive and updates in legislation and best practices in the industry. Moreover, our course is delivered by seasoned professionals, ensuring a rich, insightful learning experience.

What does the SMSTS Refresher Training Course cover?

The curriculum is thoughtfully designed, addressing crucial topics like Legal Management, Health & Welfare, General Safety, and High-Risk Activities. It dives into areas like risk assessment, method statements, RIDDOR, and occupational health, prepping participants to manage on-site hazards efficiently.

Duration, cost, certification

The course spans across two insightful days, immersing you in a blend of interactive sessions, case studies, and assessments. Upon successful completion, you will receive a CITB renewable 5-year Site Safety Plus certificate, affirming your commitment and proficiency in maintaining a safe and compliant construction site. For detailed information regarding the cost and upcoming dates, kindly get in touch with our team.

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Secure your spot in our SMSTS Refresher training and fortify your expertise in managing safe and compliant construction sites. Ensure your practices are in line with the latest industry standards and legislation, safeguarding your team and projects from potential risks and liabilities.

SMSTS Refresher Training Course

The SMSTS-R Refresher is essential for those who've undertaken the full Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) or its subsequent refresher. This refresher aims to update delegates on health and safety, emphasising new legislative changes post their last session.

This course delves into various workplace health and safety topics. These encompass risk evaluations, health and safety management protocols, communication strategies, and environmental concerns. Additionally, it allows participants to reacquaint themselves with core ideas from the initial five-day SMSTS training.

By finishing the SMSTS-R, you showcase a dedication to upholding and refreshing your health and safety expertise. This can aid in fulfilling legal mandates tied to workplace health and safety management.

Who is the SMSTS refresher course for?

The SMSTS refresher is ideal for construction professionals, especially managers and supervisors. It's for those who've finished the full Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) or its refresher and possess a valid SMSTS certificate. Its aim is to refresh attendees on pivotal health and safety laws and construction best practices. Moreover, it brings them up to speed with any regulatory or guideline shifts.

In particular, this refresher is ideal for roles like directors, managers, and surveyors tasked with workforce planning, organisation, and oversight. This encompasses site managers, project leaders, construction heads, and health and safety chiefs. Their role is to guarantee operations align with safety standards and pertinent regulations.

However, it's crucial to understand that this refresher isn't for those who haven't done the full SMSTS or its subsequent refresher. It's built on the assumption of a foundational understanding of health and safety norms in construction.

Pre-qualification criteria:

The SMSTS-R course caters to those who've finished the full SMSTS training or its refresher and possess a valid SMSTS certificate. Delegates must present proof of completion and certification to the training provider to verify their eligibility.

Delegates should check their SMSTS certificate's validity before enrolling in the SMSTS-R course. If it's expired, they'll have to complete the full SMSTS course again. Typically, the SMSTS certificate lasts five years from its issue date. After this, renewal requires either the SMSTS-R course or the full SMSTS if the certificate has lapsed.

SMSTS Refresher Training Course Content:

The SMSTS-R course delves deep into health and safety norms and top practices in construction. Here's a breakdown of the content:

  • Health and Safety Management Systems: This section introduces the core principles of health and safety management. It underscores the need for a systematic health and safety approach at work.
  • Risk Assessment: Here, you'll learn about spotting, evaluating, and managing workplace risks. It also covers crafting and rolling out potent risk assessment methods.
  • CDM Regulations: This part offers insights into Construction Design and Management (CDM) rules. It sheds light on the duties of key players like clients, principal designers, and main contractors.
  • Working at Height: This segment focuses on the dangers of height-related tasks. It also discusses strategies to lessen these risks.
  • Electrical Safety: Dive into the hazards of electrical tasks and discover measures to avert mishaps.
  • Fire Safety: Understand workplace fire risks and strategies to both prevent fires and safeguard employees.
  • Environmental Management: Explore the environmental challenges tied to construction and strategies to reduce these risks.
  • Communication and Consultation: Recognise the value of clear communication and consultation at work. Learn to create effective communication channels.

In essence, this course aims to update attendees on the newest health and safety laws in construction. Moreover, it equips them to set up robust health and safety systems at work.

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Upon successfully completing the course, learners will be awarded an accredited CITB certificate as proof of their certification.


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