SMSTS Day Release Training Course

SMSTS Day Release Training Course

Embark on a journey to elevate your career in the construction industry with our SMSTS Day Release Training Course. Our SMSTS Day Release Course is carefully crafted for site managers and those aiming for such roles. It provides vital insights into site management, emphasising safety and adherence to health and environmental standards.

Who is this Course for?

This course is designed for construction professionals, especially site and project managers. It’s also ideal for those eyeing managerial roles, ensuring a deep understanding of site management and safety measures.

Why Choose Our SMSTS Day Release Training Course?

Opting for our training ensures you receive comprehensive insights from experienced tutors in a flexible learning environment. Not only do we provide a thorough understanding of health, safety, and environmental legislation affecting daily work, but we also ensure you are adept at implementing new guidance and industry best practices. Our competitive pricing, no hidden costs, and a supportive learning environment make us a preferred choice for many in the industry.

What does the Course Cover?

Our course delves into a myriad of crucial topics, including risk assessments, scaffolding, demolition, and evacuations, ensuring you are well-equipped to manage various scenarios on the construction site. Moreover, it encompasses vital areas such as the Health and Safety at Work Act, Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations, and behavioural safety, providing a holistic approach to site management.

Duration, Cost, Certification

Over 5 weeks, our course offers one training day per week. This ensures in-depth learning without affecting your work. After completing, you’ll receive a CITB Site Safety Plus certificate, valid for 5 years. For cost details, please contact our team.

Join Our SMSTS Day Release Training Course Today

Embark on a path to becoming a proficient site manager by enrolling in our SMSTS Day Release Course today. Navigate through the complexities of site management with confidence, ensuring safety, and compliance at every step. Your journey towards becoming a skilled professional in the construction industry begins here.

SMSTS Day Release Courses

The SMSTS Day Release course offers an in-depth training program that delves into various topics concerning health and safety management on construction sites. Spanning over five days, this course provides training one day a week for five weeks. This schedule lets participants work on site and simultaneously acquire essential knowledge and skills for safe and effective staff management.

Specifically tailored for site managers accountable for on-site worker health and safety, this course also caters to those aspiring to become site managers. It encompasses a broad spectrum of subjects such as distinct leadership styles, managerial roles, and the art of communication.

Enrollees of the SMSTS Day Release course will familiarize themselves with UK health and safety regulations. This includes understanding risk assessments, recognizing hazards of working at heights, and identifying various scaffolding types. Moreover, they'll learn first aid procedures for on-site emergencies and strategies to handle asbestos risks. The course also sheds light on occupational health, emphasizing the prevention and management of work-related illnesses and injuries.

SMSTS Day Release Courses Topics

Other topics covered in the SMSTS Day Release course include accident prevention, reporting, and investigation, fire prevention and control measures, and the control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH). Participants will learn about electricity and electrical safety on site, site set up, welfare, and environmental issues, and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM). They will also gain an understanding of construction site transport safety.

By the end of the course, participants will have a thorough understanding of health and safety management on construction sites. They will be able to recognise hazards, assess risks, and implement good health and safety practices to keep workers safe. They will also be able to communicate effectively with workers and create a positive safety culture in the workplace. With the knowledge gained from the SMSTS Day Release course, participants will be better equipped to manage and organise groups of staff safely and effectively, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries on site.

Why choose us for your SMSTS Day Release Training Course?

Opting for our training centre for your SMSTS course offers numerous benefits:

  • Expert Instructors: Our trainers, seasoned in the construction realm, excel in health and safety management. They understand site managers' real-world challenges, offering practical advice.
  • CITB Accreditation: We're accredited by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB). This ensures our courses align with top industry standards. Our SMSTS course, recognised UK-wide, is esteemed by construction employers.
  • Training Flexibility: We present diverse training formats - day release, block release, and weekends. You can pick what complements your schedule and job.
  • Up-to-Date Content: Our SMSTS course encompasses vital health and safety management aspects for construction sites. We ensure our materials are current, mirroring the latest industry benchmarks.
  • Nurturing Learning Space: We foster a conducive learning atmosphere, promoting active involvement. Our trainers are welcoming, and our centre boasts essential learning tools.
  • Cost-Effective: Our SMSTS course is competitively priced, guaranteeing top-tier training. The fee covers training materials, certification, and refreshments, eliminating surprise costs.

In essence, our training centre guarantees premium SMSTS training, making it a wise choice for your professional growth.

SMSTS Day Release Training Course

SMSTS Day Release courses cater to site managers overseeing construction site teams. They span five days, with training one day a week for five weeks. This structure lets participants work while learning crucial health and safety management skills.

The course covers diverse topics, from leadership and managerial roles to effective communication. It delves into UK health and safety regulations, touching on risk assessments, working at height challenges, and scaffolding nuances.

Participants will grasp site electricity safety, site setup, welfare, environmental concerns, and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM). Construction transport safety is another focus.

By course end, attendees will be adept at managing construction teams, prioritising worker safety. Recognised across the UK, this qualification is pivotal for current or aspiring site managers. It's a vital step for those aiming for success in this role.

By the end of the SMSTS online course, participants will be able to:

The SMSTS course provides deep insights into construction site safety. Attendees will enhance their leadership and communication skills. They'll understand legal duties, risk management, worker welfare, site setup, environmental issues, and CDM regulations. This equips them to manage teams on sites, focusing on safety and well-being.

Certification for the SMSTS online course is valid for 5 years Top of Form

However, it's essential to note that after a five-year span, attendees must enrol in a refresher course. This ensures their certification remains valid and their expertise remains current. The two-day SMSTS Refresher course updates participants on evolving health and safety practices, including legislative amendments. Successfully finishing this refresher extends their certification for another five years.


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