SSSTS Refresher Training Course

SSSTS Refresher Training Course

Embark on a journey to enhance your supervisory skills in the construction industry with our CITB SSSTS Refresher Training Course. This course is meticulously designed to update your knowledge and ensure you’re abreast of current health, safety, and welfare legislation, and best practices in risk management.

Who is this Course for?

Firstly, we’ve designed this refresher specifically for individuals who already completed the 2-day SSSTS course and aim to refresh their grasp on the legalities and hands-on aspects of supervising safety on construction sites. Moreover, it becomes essential for those nearing the expiration of their certification and wanting to renew their qualification.

Why Choose Our CITB SSSTS Refresher Training Course?

Firstly, when you choose our SSSTS Refresher, you equip yourself with the latest updates in legislation and become aware of new best practices in site supervision. Beyond that, the course doesn’t just revisit what you already know; it also brings you up to speed with recent advancements in construction safety. As a result, you can continue to oversee projects both effectively and safely.

What Does the Course Cover?

Our course delves into the critical aspects of site supervision, including:

  • Recent Legislative Changes: Ensuring your compliance with the latest in construction site health, safety, and welfare.
  • Role Clarity: A deep dive into how your supervisory role intertwines with managing site safety effectively.
  • Method Statements: Understanding their legal necessity and practical application.
  • Behavioural Safety: Strategies to encourage a safety-conscious work environment.
  • Occupational Health Supervision: Ensuring the wellbeing of your team on-site.

Duration, Cost, Certification

The SSSTS Refresher is a 7.5-hour course, quickly boosting your supervisory knowledge. It ends with a multiple-choice test. Successful delegates get a 5-year valid CITB Site Safety Plus certificate. For detailed information on cost and upcoming course dates, please visit our website or get in touch with our team.

Join Our CITB SSSTS Refresher Training Course Today

Secure your spot in our SSSTS Refresher and ensure your supervisory skills remain sharp, compliant, and effective. Navigate through the ever-evolving landscape of construction safety and legislation with confidence and ensure the wellbeing of your team and the smooth operation of your projects.

Comprehensive Guide to CITB SSSTS and SMSTS Courses, Refresher Programs, and Certifications for Construction Professionals

Construction professional seeking skill enhancement? This guide dives into CITB SSSTS and SMSTS courses, refreshers, and certifications. Learn about applying for an SSSTS card, online supervisor course benefits, and more. With options like weekend and remote courses, it's a prime time for career investment.

CITB SSSTS 2 Day Course

Moving on, the two-day CITB SSSTS (Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme) course equips site supervisors with vital insights into their legal responsibilities concerning health, safety, welfare, and environmental issues. By achieving an SSSTS qualified status, you equip yourself to oversee and ensure health and safety practices on construction sites effectively. Regarding costs, the SSSTS price can differ among training providers. Therefore, comparing various providers becomes crucial to secure the best value for your investment.

CITB SSSTS Refresher Course

The CITB SSSTS refresher course is a one-day program that helps delegates renew their SSSTS qualification. The course is intended for individuals who have already completed the two-day CITB SSSTS course and can furnish evidence of their successful participation. The refresher course covers the latest developments in construction legislation and industry best practices, ensuring that you stay up-to-date with your health and safety knowledge. The SSSTS refresher course covers an in-depth review of recent legislative changes and their effects on the work environment. To locate an SSSTS refresher course nearby, you can conduct an online search or reach out to a local training provider.

CITB SSSTS Refresher Training Course

The CITB SMSTS (Site Management Safety Training Scheme) is a five-day course targeted at construction site managers, agents, and quantity surveyors. It covers essential topics such as risk assessments, construction hazards, and various legislation. The SMSTS course will equip you with the knowledge required to implement the latest guidelines within your workforce, empowering them to work safely and efficiently.

CITB SMSTS Refresher Course

Similar to the SSSTS refresher, the CITB SMSTS Refresher is a two-day course designed to renew your SMSTS qualification. It updates your knowledge on health and safety management and legislation changes, ensuring that you continue working in line with current industry standards.

Lost Certificate and Replacement

If you've misplaced your SSSTS or SMSTS certificate, don't worry. Contact the training provider where you completed your course, and they should be able to issue you an SSSTS replacement certificate or an SMSTS replacement certificate.

Online and Weekend Courses

If you're busy or want flexibility, consider online supervisor courses like SSSTS online or remote, and local SSSTS weekend courses. They offer a handy alternative to classroom sessions, aiding work-life balance.

Pricing and Availability

Firstly, both SSSTS and SMSTS courses have competitive pricing, and training providers set different rates. To ensure you get the best value, compare offerings from multiple providers, keeping in mind aspects like location and course format. For instance, the cost of the SSSTS course might fluctuate based on whether you opt for a weekend or a weekday session.

Applying for an SSSTS Card

After completing the SSSTS course and obtaining your certificate, you can secure an SSSTS card to showcase your qualifications to prospective employers. To get started, navigate to the CITB website and follow the steps provided for the application.

The Triple SSSTS course is an advanced training program that combines the essential elements of the standard SSSTS course with additional modules for comprehensive site supervisor knowledge. The course is tailored for construction professionals seeking to broaden their knowledge and distinguish themselves in the sector. Completing a Triple SSSTS course will provide you with a deeper understanding of construction site supervision and demonstrate your commitment to maintaining high safety standards.

SSSTS Refresher Training Course Register

The SSSTS register is a database that holds records of individuals who have successfully completed the SSSTS or SMSTS courses. This register is maintained by the CITB and serves as a reference for employers and construction professionals. It ensures that those working in supervisory roles possess the necessary qualifications to promote health and safety on construction sites.

SSSTS Requirements and Training Near Me

For SSSTS or SMSTS courses, you need good English comprehension due to their interactive nature. Group discussions and activities are integral.

To locate nearby SSSTS or SMSTS training, search online with terms like "SSSTS near me." This helps you find local providers to compare and select.

In essence, SSSTS or SMSTS certifications benefit construction professionals. They boost your skills and show your dedication to site safety. With diverse course options, including online and weekends, there's a fit for everyone. Explore CITB SSSTS and SMSTS courses now to elevate your construction journey.


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