SSSTS – Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme Course Training

SSSTS – Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme Course Training

Embark on a journey towards a safer construction environment with our SSSTS course. The Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) is a pivotal course, designed meticulously to offer vital knowledge about the practical challenges supervisors encounter daily on the construction site. It not only covers the health and safety aspects but also provides a comprehensive understanding of legal responsibilities, risk assessments, and method statements.

Who is this course for?

To begin with, we’ve tailored this course specifically for individuals who are either contemplating or already hold supervisory roles in the construction sector. Whether you identify as a site supervisor, foreman, or team leader, the course aims to arm you with the vital skills and knowledge for effective site safety management.

Why choose our course?

By opting for our SSSTS course, you guarantee yourself training that CITB accredits and endorses, ensuring its quality and industry relevance. Additionally, seasoned professionals deliver our course, which means you benefit from insights grounded in real-world industry experience. On top of that, our course integrates interactive exercises and group discussions, promising an immersive learning journey.

What does the course cover?

Starting off, the course dives deep into vital elements of managing site safety. This includes grasping health and safety laws and their relevance to supervisors, carrying out risk assessments, and crafting method statements. Furthermore, it touches on conducting effective site inductions, toolbox talks, and method statement briefings. As a result, you’ll be equipped to oversee site activities efficiently and step in quickly when spotting bad practices

Duration, cost, certification

The SSSTS course spans two days, each day lasting approximately 7.5 hours, including breaks, and is priced from £145 + VAT. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a CITB-recognised Site Safety Plus certificate, valid for five years. To maintain this qualification, a refresher course must be undertaken before the certificate expires.

Join our course today

Embark on a journey towards a safer, more compliant construction industry by enrolling in our SSSTS course today. Ensure that your supervisory role not only adheres to legal and ethical standards but also contributes positively to the safety and well-being of the workplace. Contact us today to secure your place and take a step towards a safer, more compliant future in construction site supervision.

Understanding the SSSTS Course and Its Role in the Construction Industry

First and foremost, Build UK mandates the SSSTS course for all supervisors on their sites. This makes it an indispensable qualification for anyone aspiring to a supervisory position in the construction sector. Moreover, both the SMSTS and SSSTS qualifications stand as crucial for professionals in supervisory and managerial capacities. By having these qualifications, they can bolster construction safety, enhance work skills, and minimize accidents and injuries.

Course Content and Requirements for SSSTS

The CITB SSSTS course content focuses on various aspects of health and safety in the construction sector. The program addresses hazard evaluations, applying on-site safety measures, and utilizing communication to maintain a secure environment for all individuals. The citb sssts training requirements include having a good understanding of written and spoken English and providing a valid photographic ID. Participants must also be aware of the SSSTS course cost, which varies depending on the training provider and location.

Who Should Attend the SSSTS - Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme Course Training course?

For first-line managers in construction, the SSSTS course is perfect. It's tailored for team leaders overseeing tasks. The course provides key skills and knowledge of legal duties.

Assessment, Certification, and Obtaining an SSSTS Card

The SSSTS citb assessment is continuous throughout the course, with individual and group exercises. A multiple-choice CITB examination paper at the end of the 2-day course tests the knowledge gained. Upon successful completion, delegates receive an CITB SSSTS certificate and can apply for an SSSTS card. The expenses associated with obtaining an SSSTS card, such as the card cost and course fees, differ based on the chosen training provider.

Renewal and Replacement of SSSTS - Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme Course Training Certificate and Card

The SSSTS certification is valid for five years, after which the certificate holder must attend a 1-day SSSTS Refresher course to renew it. In case of a lost certificate or the need for a replacement SSSTS certificate, delegates should contact the CITB. The same applies to replacing an SSSTS card, with the CSCS SSSTS card being a crucial element for professionals in the construction industry.

Finding the SSSTS - Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme Course Training Near You

To find SSSTS courses near me, use online resources to compare and book SSSTS courses in your area or online. The cost of the SSSTS course can fluctuate depending on the training provider and the format of the course, whether it is in-person or online. SSSTS course weekend are also available for those with busy weekday schedules.


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