Trencher – characteristics of work

Working with a trencher is a specialized task consisting primarily of making ditches. A trencher is a key machine in many construction and infrastructure projects, as it ensures efficient and accurate earthworks. We will tell you what you need to know if you want to become a trencher operator.

Types of chain excavators

A small portable trencher is relatively light and easy to use. They are suitable for smaller works, for example in gardens or small buildings. A designer designs a large and heavy trencher for harder works and making deep excavations. They are used in larger construction and infrastructure projects. A chain excavator revolutionizes many aspects of earthworks by offering speed, efficiency, and precision in digging ditches.

Properties and features

The most characteristic feature of a trencher is the digging chain, resembling the chain of a chain saw. This chain is placed on a long arm and equipped with teeth. You can adjust the arm on which the chain is mounted in angle and depth, allowing you to adjust the depth of the ditch.

Depending on the model and intended use, one can equip a trencher with wheels or tracks. Track models are better for working in difficult uneven areas.

What does it look like to work with a chain excavator?

Mainly, operators use a trencher to dig ditches in the ground, most often for installing pipes, cables, sewers, or for other purposes like drainage or agricultural work. Before starting, it is necessary to carefully plan the route of the ditch.

Someone must verify that no previously arranged installations in the ground could be damaged. You must secure and label the work area accordingly.

A trencher uses a rotating chain with teeth to dig the ground and create a ditch. The machine can move forwards or backwards, depending on the model and working conditions. The operator must keep a close eye on the digging process and ensure that they do the work according to the plan. It is also important to monitor the condition of the machine, including the tension of the chain and the condition of teeth.

Trencher operation and safety

Working with a trencher requires strict compliance with safety rules due to the risks associated with handling heavy equipment. A trencher operator should thoroughly train to use a trencher and be aware of the potential risks. After work, someone must thoroughly clean the machine and check it for damages.

Working with a chain excavator is demanding but also very effective. It allows you to create deep ditches with precise dimensions. A chain excavator is a key machine in many construction, infrastructure and agricultural projects. Due to the specialized nature of work, operators of such machinery must have appropriate training and experience.


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