First Aid for Adults Course

First Aid for Adults Course

Emergencies can strike at any moment, and having the confidence and skills to respond can make all the difference. Our Adult First Aid Course (First Aid for Adults Course) delivers in-depth instruction, making certain you’re equipped for diverse scenarios. Whether it’s cardiac events or wounds, discover how to offer prompt aid and possibly make a life-saving difference. Moreover, this knowledge is invaluable in critical moments.

Who is this course for?

Anyone aged 16 and above can take this course. Whether you want to assist family, friends, or neighbours, prepare for university, work abroad during a gap year, or simply equip yourself for real-life emergencies, this course suits you. If your profession requires first aid training, look into our workplace-specific courses.

Why choose our First Aid for Adults Course?

Our course stands out for several reasons:

  • Expert Guidance: Our trainers are experienced and provide practical, hands-on learning.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From CPR to treating burns and injuries, we cover a wide range of life-saving skills.
  • Certification: Once finished, attendees are awarded a certificate, attesting to their proficiency in first aid. Furthermore, this recognition underscores their readiness to handle emergencies.
  • Flexible Learning: We also offer an evening course split over two consecutive evenings for those with tight schedules.

What does the course cover?

The course delves into various aspects of first aid, including:

  • Dealing with emergencies
  • Responding to unresponsive individuals – both breathing and not breathing
  • Administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Handling seizures, burns, heavy bleeding, broken bones, strains, sprains, and head injuries
  • Assisting choking individuals
  • Addressing heart attacks, strokes, severe allergic reactions, and diabetic emergencies

Duration, cost, certification

This one-day course is both intensive and thorough. Participants will receive a first aid workbook, which can be used for future reference and knowledge refreshment. The cost is competitive, ensuring everyone has access to these vital skills. After successfully finishing the course, you’ll be granted a reputable certificate, highlighting your expertise in adult first aid. Moreover, this document serves as a testament to your skills and preparedness.

Join our First Aid for Adults Course today

Don’t wait for an emergency to realise the importance of first aid skills. Sign up for our First Aid for Adults Course now, and arm yourself with the essential know-how and assurance to step in during crucial moments. Furthermore, being prepared can truly change outcomes.

First Aid for Adults Course: Your Ultimate Guide to Lifesaving Skills

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone needed immediate medical attention, and you felt helpless? With our First Aid for Adults Course at Construction and Plant Training Services Ltd, you can equip yourself with the essential skills to handle such emergencies. Whether you're in London, Northampton, Luton, or Milton Keynes, our certified first aid courses are accessible and affordable.

Why Choose Our First Aid Courses?

Firstly, we tailor our courses for adults to ensure you receive training relevant to real-life scenarios you might encounter. Moreover, if you search for "first aid courses in London" or "first aid courses in Northampton," you'll find our locations conveniently located to serve you. We also offer specialized training sessions in Luton and Milton Keynes.

Furthermore, our courses aren't just any regular training sessions. They are certified first aid courses, ensuring you'll be receiving top-notch, quality education. Our trainers are experienced and are certified mental health first aiders, ensuring that you get a holistic learning experience. By the end of our course, you'll have the confidence and certification to become a first aider.

Affordability and Quality Combined

We understand that price is a concern for many. Hence, we provide affordable first aid courses while maintaining the highest standards of instruction. Furthermore, we believe in delivering value without cutting corners on quality. Our "first aid at work course prices" are competitive, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to become a first aider.

Comprehensive Training

Our programmes encompass an extensive array of subjects. Whether it's foundational first aid instruction or more intricate methods, we're here to support you. Furthermore, our diverse offerings ensure comprehensive learning. Some of the key areas we focus on include:

  • Emergency first aid at work qualification
  • CPR and AED training
  • Handling burns, cuts, and injuries
  • Dealing with heart attacks and strokes

Upon completion, you'll receive a first aid certificate. And if your "first aid certificate expired", we offer refresher courses to ensure your skills are up-to-date.

British First Aid Standards

Being in the UK, our courses adhere to British first aid standards. So, whether you're looking to "book first aid" sessions or searching for a comprehensive "book of first aid," we have resources and training materials tailored to British guidelines.

Join Us Today!

Don't delay until a crisis highlights the significance of first aid education. Moreover, proactive learning can be a game-changer in emergencies. Whether you're in Northampton, Luton, Milton Keynes, or anywhere nearby, our courses are accessible. Just type in "first aid training close by," and you'll discover us eager to assist you. Moreover, our presence ensures convenience and accessibility for learners.


At Construction and Plant Training Services Ltd, we offer certified first aid training for adults. Our courses are affordable, comprehensive, and adhere to British standards. Equip yourself with lifesaving skills today!

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