PASMA Managers Course: Mobile Access Towers and Work at Height

PASMA Managers Course: Mobile Access Towers and Work at Height

In today’s fast-paced construction and maintenance world, ensuring safety and competence is paramount. Our course, centred around the renowned PASMA Towers for Managers, offers comprehensive training on mobile access towers and work at height regulations. This course is tailored to provide managers with the knowledge and skills needed to oversee safe and efficient operations.

Who is this course for?

Specifically designed for managers, supervisors, and those in charge of overseeing work at height activities, this course is a must-have. Whether you’re new to the role or looking to refresh your knowledge, our training ensures you’re equipped with the latest industry standards and best practices.

Why choose our course?

First and foremost, our programme is distinguished by its all-encompassing syllabus. Additionally, we take great pride in our seasoned instructors who infuse the classroom with real-life examples. Furthermore, our training methods are interactive, ensuring participants are engaged and retain the knowledge imparted. You’ll not just acquire theoretical understanding, but you’ll also gather hands-on insights that are directly applicable on-site.

What does the course cover?

Our curriculum delves deep into the essentials of mobile access towers. Topics include:

  • Understanding the importance of following manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Risk assessments and method statements.
  • Recognising potential hazards and implementing control measures.
  • The responsibility of a manager in upholding the Work at Height Regulations.

Duration, cost, certification

The course spans a full day, ensuring thorough coverage of all topics. Regarding the price, we provide affordable rates while maintaining the excellence of our training. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a PASMA certificate, valid for five years, affirming their expertise in managing work at height activities.

Join our course today

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your managerial skills and ensure safety in work at height operations. Enrolling in our PASMA Towers for Managers Course is an investment in knowledge that pays dividends in safety and operational excellence. Book your place now and step forward with assurance.

PASMA Towers for Managers Course Objectives:

This PASMA Managers course aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of current legislation, regulations, and guidance affecting work at height using mobile access towers. The course is designed to help managers oversee the work of operatives on site, ensuring that tasks are properly planned, organized, and executed by competent, well-trained personnel.

This training program qualifies for a Tier 2 CITB Short Course Duration Grant, valued at £70.

For additional information, please visit the Grants and Funding tab.

PASMA Towers for Managers Course Overview:

  • Examination of Present Laws, Policies, and Guidelines influencing tasks at elevated levels using mobile access towers
  • PASMA Supervisors Course Principles and Procedures
  • Consultation of Current Instructional Manuals Highlighting Optimal Strategies for Fall Prevention
  • Mobile Access Towers Error-Identification Activity
  • Cooperative Case Study Analysis
  • Completion of Tower Assessment Documentation
  • Recognition of Risks Associated with the Utilization of Mobile Access Towers
  • Risk Assessment in PASMA Managers Course
  • Emergency & Rescue Plans
  • Behavioural Competencies
  • Theoretical Assessment

Target Audience:

We tailored this course for individuals who oversee the work of operatives on site and ensure proper planning and organization of work. The course suits those who verify the competence and proper training of involved personnel and ensure correct inspection and maintenance of towers. Participants should have a good working knowledge of the Work at Height Regulations and the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.


Upon successful completion of the PASMA Managers course, attendees will receive a PASMA Certificate and Identification Card, which remains valid for 5 years.


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