PASMA Towers on Stairs

PASMA – Towers on Stairs Training Course

Navigating stairways with towers is a unique challenge that requires specialised training. Our PASMA Towers on Stairs course is meticulously designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely and efficiently work with towers on stairs.

Who is this course for?

Programme designers created this specifically for those who regularly use access towers on staircases. Whether you’re in the building trade, a maintenance expert, or just someone keen to broaden their capabilities, this programme is just the ticket for you.

Why choose our PASMA Towers on Stairs course?

  • Proficiency: Experienced experts with an abundance of knowledge in the sector serve as our tutors.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: We address both academic understanding and hands-on abilities.
  • Safety First: Emphasising safety, we ensure you’re well-prepared to handle any situation.
  • Recognised Certification: Our course is fully accredited, ensuring your skills are recognised wherever you go.

What does the course cover?

Our curriculum is comprehensive, covering:

  • The basics of tower assembly and disassembly on stairs.
  • Safety protocols and risk assessment.
  • Practical hands-on training with real-world scenarios.
  • Maintenance and inspection of equipment.

Duration, Cost, Certification

The course spans a full day, ensuring you get in-depth training. It’s competitively priced, offering great value for money. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a recognised PASMA certification, a testament to your expertise.

Join our PASMA Towers on Stairs course today

Don’t let this chance slip by to bolster your abilities and guarantee safety in your work environment. Our “Towers on Stairs” course is not just a training programme; it’s an investment in your future. Sign up now and advance further in your career path.

PASMA Stair Tower Course: Scaffold Stair Access Towers, Scaffold Staircase, and Stair Scaffold Tower

Course Objectives:

The PASMA stair tower course aims to provide participants with the knowledge to safely assemble, dismantle, and relocate scaffold stair access towers, scaffold staircase, stair scaffold, stair scaffold tower, and stairway access towers without risking personal injury to themselves or others.

Attendees must hold a valid PASMA 'Towers for Users' Photocard and demonstrate a strong comprehension of working at elevated levels.

This training course is eligible for a Tier 2 CITB Short Course Duration Grant, worth £70.

For additional information, please visit the Grants and Funding tab.

Course Outline:

  • Current Legislation for Stair Tower, Scaffold Stair Tower, and Stair Scaffold Tower
  • Regulations and Guidance Affecting Work at Height with Access Towers
  • PASMA Code of Practice for Scaffold Staircase, Scaffolding Staircase Tower, and Tower Scaffold for Stairs
  • Product Standards EN 1004:2004
  • Assembling, Altering, and Dismantling Tower Stairs, Towers with Stairs, and Towers on Stairs
  • Fall Protection & Inspection of Completed Stairway Access Towers
  • Tower Inspection Records for Stair Tower and Stair Scaffold
  • Hazards Affecting the Use of Stair Scaffold, Tower Stairs, and Stairway Access Tower

Target Audience:

Designers created this course for individuals who need to assemble, dismantle, and relocate stair scaffolds, stair towers, and stairway access towers safely.


Before enrolling in the Towers on Stairs course, attendees must complete the PASMA - Mobile Access for Tower Use course. For more information, please click here.


Upon successful completion of the PASMA Stair Tower Course, participants will receive a PASMA Certificate, which remains valid for 5 years.


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