SSSTS, what it stands for and why it is important.

Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme or SSSTS is a 2-day course for any worker wanting to take on supervisor responsibilities on a construction site. This site supervisor course is designed and accredited by CITB, one of the leading and most highly-respected bodies when it comes to construction health and safety training.

What do supervisors do?

Supervisors mainly oversee the day-to-day work of the workforce as well as make sure the work is done on time and within budget. Supervisors will normally be on the ground managing the project, acting under the guidance of a site manager, who has ultimate responsibility for the overall project. Ensuring health and safety on-site is also under the responsibility of the Supervisor and includes such actions as making sure staff are working in a safe environment, and that staff is working in accordance with health and safety law.

How to become a supervisor?

For those looking to get their first taste of supervising on construction sites, it’s best to start as a labourer and work your way up. If you prove to be a reliable and effective worker in your role, your managers may decide to start giving you more responsibility on-site. Once you and your manager believe you are capable of effectively being a leader and administrator, this is when you may look to completing SSSTS in order to get a qualification that proves your credentials in the role.

How long does an SSSTS last?

Your SSSTS certificate will be valid for 5 years and if you wish to renew your certificate you must complete a CITB-SSSTS refresher course before the certificate expires. This refresher course is a condensed version of the course, designed to refresh and update the knowledge of those who have completed SSSTS previously. It can all be completed in a single day, including the end of course exam. Failure to complete a refresher course before your current qualification expires will force you to take the full SSSTS course again to stay qualified.

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