Counterbalance Forklift Training Course

CPCS Counterbalance Forklift Training Course

In the bustling realm of construction, mastering the operation of a counterbalance forklift is a skill that sets you apart. Our accredited CPCS Counterbalance Forklift course meticulously equips you with both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise. This course not only adheres to the stringent CPCS standards but goes a step further to ensure a comprehensive understanding and safe operation of industrial counterbalance forklifts.

Who is this course for?

This course caters to individuals aiming to kickstart or advance their careers in the construction sector. Whether you’re a novice learning the ropes or a seasoned operator desiring formal certification, our course caters to varying levels of expertise.

Why choose our course?

Selecting our course paves the way for a safer and more proficient workspace. Here’s why:

  • Expert Instructors: Our seasoned instructors possess a wealth of industry experience, ensuring you receive real-world insights.
  • Hands-on Training: We blend theoretical instruction with practical exercises to foster a well-rounded learning experience.
  • CPCS Accreditation: Being CPCS accredited, our course is recognized across the UK, making you a valuable asset to potential employers.

What does the course cover?

Our course curriculum is comprehensive, covering essential topics such as:

  • Operational checks and basic maintenance.
  • Safe operation and handling.
  • Load integrity and assessment.
  • Workplace hazards and safety protocols.

Duration, Cost, Certification:

The course spans over a concise yet thorough period, ensuring ample time for both learning and practice. The cost is competitively priced, providing value for money. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a CPCS certification, attesting to your enhanced skills and adherence to safety standards.

Join our Counterbalance Forklift Course today:

Embark on a journey of skill enhancement and career advancement with our CPCS Counterbalance Forklift course. Enrol today, and take a significant stride towards becoming an indispensable part of the construction community.

Forklift training in England is very popular. A Counterbalance Forklift is a tool that requires competence in order to operate it. You can buy both battery powered machines as well as those with combustion engines. Each one also differs in lifting capacity, most often between 1.5 – 8 tons. They are designed for the internal transport of any goods and often serve companies from various sectors, e.g., the food sector, building, industry, etc.

Counterbalance Forklifts typically have a large work output, are functional and don’t usually cause many problems during operation. However, in order to safely manoeuvre them, completion of a training course is necessary.

By undertaking Forklift training in England, the participant becomes familiar with essential information on the range of forklift trucks, technical specification details, and safe operation.

A Forklift course in the UK is therefore a combination of theory and practical instruction.


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