Loader/Securer – non STGO A49 Training Course

CPCS Loader/Securer – non STGO A49 Training Course

Embarking on a journey in the construction and transportation sector necessitates a robust understanding and proficiency in handling heavy machinery, particularly when it involves the loading and securing of equipment. The Loader/Securer course, tailored for non-STGO (Special Types General Order) A49, provides a comprehensive and practical approach to mastering essential skills and ensures your proficiency in machinery handling and transportation.

Who is this Course for?

This course meticulously prepares individuals for roles in construction, machinery transportation, and heavy equipment handling. Whether you’re an operator, transporter, or construction professional, this course enhances your machinery loading, unloading, and securing skills. It ensures safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

Why Choose Our Course?

Choosing our course gives you a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. It ensures a comprehensive understanding of loader and securer roles in non-STGO A49 operations. The course adheres to the highest safety and operational protocols. It equips you with skills to navigate real-world challenges and hazards.

What Does the Course Cover?

The curriculum includes understanding the roles and responsibilities of a loader/securer. It covers identifying and explaining transporter types and adhering to manufacturer’s requirements and legislation. Practical aspects like conducting pre-use checks, configuring machinery for travel, and safe loading/unloading practices are also included.

Duration, Cost, Certification

Both novice and experienced operators find the meticulously structured duration of the course ensures thorough understanding and mastery of required skills. The strategically priced cost provides value and unparalleled training quality. Upon successful completion, candidates receive a recognized certification, validating their proficiency in loader securing operations.

Join Our Loader/Securer – non STGO A49 Course Today

Embark on a journey of skill enhancement and mastery in loader securing with our meticulously crafted course. Navigate through the realms of machinery handling and transportation with confidence, ensuring safety, efficiency, and compliance with regulatory standards. Enroll today and elevate your career prospects in the construction and transportation sector.

Loader Securer – Non STGO A49 Training Course: Your Gateway to Expertise in Construction Equipment Handling

In the dynamic world of construction and heavy machinery, the Loader Securer – Non STGO A49 Training Course offered by Construction and Plant Training Services stands out as a pivotal step towards mastering the art of handling heavy equipment safely and efficiently. This comprehensive course, tailored to meet the highest industry standards, is designed not only to enhance your skills but also to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

Why Choose Our Loader Securer Training?

Our Loader Securer Training is an essential investment for anyone involved in the operation or transportation of heavy machinery. This course, accredited by both CPCS Loader Securer and NPORS Loader Securer certifications, guarantees a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise. Moreover, the Loader Securer Non STGO Course is specifically designed to cater to the needs of those working with non-STGO (Special Types General Order) vehicles, making it a unique offering in the field.

Loader/Securer - non STGO A49 Course Overview

The A49 Training Course is meticulously structured to cover all aspects of loader securer operations. Starting with the basics, you will gradually advance to more complex topics, ensuring a thorough understanding of each element involved. The course includes:

  • CPCS Loader Securer Non STGO regulations and guidelines.
  • Practical sessions on securing different types of loads.
  • Risk assessment and management techniques.
  • Maintenance and safety checks for equipment.

Benefits of the Course

Enrolling in the Loader Securer Non STGO A49 Training Course offers numerous benefits:

  1. Expertise: Gain in-depth knowledge about securing and transporting heavy loads.
  2. Certification: Acquire a recognised CPCS A49 Loader Securer or NPORS Loader Securer certification.
  3. Career Advancement: Enhance your employability and career prospects in the construction industry.
  4. Safety Compliance: Learn to comply with the latest safety standards and regulations.

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for:

  • Individuals seeking to start or advance their career in construction equipment handling.
  • Experienced operators aiming to update their skills and knowledge.
  • Teams responsible for the transportation and security of heavy machinery.

Loader/Securer - non STGO A49 Course Details

The Loader Securer Course spans over a few days, combining classroom learning with hands-on training. Our experienced instructors, equipped with extensive field knowledge, will guide you through every step, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.


Embark on your journey to becoming a skilled and certified Loader Securer with our Loader Securer Non STGO A49 Training Course. Firstly, the meticulous design of the course ensures a comprehensive learning experience. Additionally, a keen focus on practical skills ensures that you are well-prepared for real-world scenarios. Moreover, our commitment to safety and excellence makes us your ideal partner in achieving your career aspirations in the construction sector. Sign up today and consequently, take the first step towards a promising and secure future in the field of construction machinery handling.

Want to qualify to be a competent Loader/Securer - non STGO? We provide all the training you need at a fantastic course price.

To qualify as a competent Loader/Securer you will need to learn about the types of transporter, purpose, components, construction, controls and terminology. In addition, you will need to know how to complete pre-checks, configure the transporter for loading and unloading duties, prepare the area for plant loading and unloading as well as how to prepare the plant for highway transportation.

You will also need to learn the actions required for hazards, underground and overhead services and how to maintain safe and tidy working areas.


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