Sideloader Forklift course & training

Sideloader Forklifts are distinguished by the different ways they are powered. We provide training on diesel, electric and gas powered forklifts. For LPG powered forklifts, the Forklift course in the UK instructs participants how to change the LPG cylinder.

A Side loader Forklift allows for freedom of manoeuvring inside a warehouse or a large freight yard. In this way, it’s possible to accomplish limitless amounts of work without colliding into other materials which may be in the same area.

The Side loader Forklifts presented on a Forklift course in the UK perform especially well when loading and unloading materials with irregular widths e.g. wood, metal pipes and sheeting, in construction etc. They are machines that also work perfectly along narrow routes and in difficult areas.

Side loader Forklifts are adapted to carry loads by the side of the cabin. In this way, the operator’s vision is not limited, which ensures efficient and most importantly safe operation. A Forklift course in the UK is the perfect place to learn this skill.

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