Temporary Works Supervisor Training Course

Temporary Works Supervisor Training Course

Embark on a journey to enhance your skills in the construction industry with our accredited training, focusing on the pivotal role of supervising temporary works. Our Temporary Works Supervisor Course, meticulously crafted, not only adheres to but also transcends the standard guidelines, ensuring that you are equipped with comprehensive knowledge and practical insights into temporary works supervision.

Who is this Course for?

This training is tailored for professionals in the construction sector who are tasked with supervising and coordinating temporary works. Ideal for those with a foundational understanding of health and safety legislation, the course is particularly beneficial for individuals who have a role in managing all forms of temporary works and have a foundational knowledge of BS5975.

Why Choose Our Temporary Works Supervisor Course?

Firstly, when you choose our course, you gain access to a mix of theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills, all taught by industry professionals. Furthermore, our training doesn’t just stick to CITB standards; it also brings in real-world case studies. This approach ensures you get a comprehensive view of the duties and responsibilities of a Temporary Works Supervisor (TWS). On top of that, our course places a strong emphasis on the 4Cs – communication, cooperation, coordination, and competency. These elements are essential for managing temporary works both effectively and safely

What Does the Course Cover?

The curriculum is designed to provide an extensive overview of the role of a TWS, encompassing topics such as:

  • Legal and Ethical Duties: Understanding and adhering to the legal obligations and ethical standards of a TWS.
  • Risk Management: Implementing robust strategies for identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks on site.
  • Legislation and Codes of Practice: A thorough exploration of relevant legislations like BS5975 and the application of codes of practice.
  • Safety Protocols: Ensuring the implementation and adherence to safety protocols on the construction site.
  • Operational Management: Effective management and co-ordination of temporary works.

Duration, Cost, Certification

The course spans one intensive day of immersive training, culminating in an assessment to validate your knowledge and skills. Upon successful completion, certification, accredited by CITB, will be issued within 6-8 weeks, validating your competency for five years. For detailed information regarding the cost, please get in touch with our team.

Join Our Temporary Works Supervisor Course

Elevate your career by mastering the art and science of temporary works supervision. Enrol in our course today and pave the way towards becoming an industry-recognised Temporary Works Supervisor, ensuring safety, compliance, and efficiency in your construction projects.

CITB Temporary Works Supervisor Course: Essential Training for Site Supervisors

The CITB Temporary Works Supervisor Course is a day-long training. It prepares site supervisors for the temporary works supervisor role. Being a top CITB course, it's ideal for those stepping into this role.

Gaining a Comprehensive Understanding of the Responsibilities of a Temporary Works Supervisor

Enrolling ensures understanding of the supervisor's duties and others' roles. It empowers you to assist the temporary works coordinator on-site. You'll confidently control temporary works and communicate effectively.

Comprehensive Content Covering Various Topics

Key topics include understanding the supervisor role, relevant codes, risk management, and the 4Cs (communication, coordination, co-operation, competency). With CITB Site Safety Plus accreditation, you get a recognized certification, boosting your team's confidence and your role execution.

Flexible Training Options to Suit Your Needs

Multiple course formats are available. Options include online, classroom, or in-house, fitting any schedule. It offers online classrooms via Zoom and UK-wide physical venues. For firms, in-house training can be in-class, remote, or at a chosen location.

Assessment and Certificate of Completion

Firstly, to pass the course successfully, you must score 72% or above in the final exam. Additionally, you should understand that a strong command of both written and spoken English is essential. Moreover, you need experience in managing various forms of temporary works and a clear understanding of the relevant aspects of the BS 5975 revision material to enroll in the course. Once you finish, you'll receive a CITB temporary works supervisor certificate. This certificate remains valid for five years, and you can renew it by taking the course again.

Claim the CITB Grant for Your Company

For businesses, if you have registration with CITB, you can claim for each delegate who completes the course successfully. Furthermore, the CITB website lists short courses and the respective grant amounts available for claims.

Enrol Today

Sign up for the CITB Temporary Works Supervisor Course today and acquire a comprehensive comprehension of your duties and the duties of others. This course provides assistance to various organizations, including Temporary Works Forum, CECA, UKCG, HSE, and FMB, demonstrating the recognition that the certification holds within the industry, businesses, and employers.

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