How to protect your machinery during winter.

Although it may seem like industrial equipment is indestructible, proper maintenance must always be carried out on all equipment used on-site, especially during the cold wintertime. In fact, maintenance during winter is especially important for heavy plant operators as many mechanical failures can occur during the cold season which could endanger the lives of fellow workers. As such, here are several tips on how to protect your equipment during winter.

Protect your fuel source

Always make sure you got the right oil for the cold weather conditions. While it’s unlikely in the UK for oil to freeze, the cold conditions can still hamper the oil’s ability to flow to the correct motors and if not topped up after each use can turn into gel, possibly damaging the engine itself.  

Visual inspection

Checking equipment before work is a common practice for heavy plant operators. During winter, though, ice formations inside the main body of machinery can hamper the machine’s control and must be removed beforehand. You should also make sure no mechanical parts have frozen solid, as they may break easily, damaging important mechanical parts.

Store fuel correctly

As stated above, while it’s unlikely for fuel to freeze in the UK, not storing fuel correctly can lead to fuel turning into a gel-like substance which may ruin machinery engines. As such, Oil and Diesel fuel should be stored indoors at room temperature and should be regularly checked for their condition.

Check wheel mechanics

Having vehicle control is always important for the safety of the operator. During winter, frozen roads or frozen wheels can be a serious hazard to operators, so it’s always wise to make sure machinery tyres are correctly inflated and model for frozen environments.  

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