Safety tips for heavy equipment operators

Following rules and safety guidelines is important in every job. However, for a heavy equipment operator position, there is a different level of responsibility that must be followed precisely – for their own safety and the safety of everyone around them. A lot of accidents could have been avoided if simple rules were kept in place and followed. We cannot change the past, but we can prevent more from happening.

Be conscious of the surrounding

Make sure that there is absolutely no one standing in your way and tell them to move if they could potentially be hurt. Don’t trust their awareness of the situation, take initiative, and just ask them to clear the site.

Double-check everything

Some conditions change quickly and if there was nothing inexpedient around five minutes ago before you left for a quick break, it doesn’t mean that it stayed the same. Before starting the engine, check again. You cannot make sure too often.

Communication is invaluable

Verbalize your intentions and ask openly if there’s even a shadow of doubt about a task or given instruction. Ensure that your own orders are clear and well understood. It may be a good idea to get the radios for the team so that general noise doesn’t affect communication.

Fasten a seatbelt

It doesn’t matter whether you have years of experience or if it’s your first day on the job. Driving the vehicle for 5 minutes is no different than doing it for hours. Wearing a belt doesn’t cost you more than a couple of seconds and not wearing it can cost you an injury in a best-case scenario.

Pay attention

Sharp focus is of grave importance. Is the equipment turned off? Where do you put your step? Is the overhead area clear from metal rods you could hit unintentionally? Are there any power lines unsecured efficiently? Anticipating the danger is a basic way to avoid it.

Get professional training

Know that it is extremely dangerous to operate a machine without proper training and it is illegal to do so without a proper certification. Construction and Plant Training Services offers over a hundred courses that will prepare you well for your heavy equipment operator job.


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