The most common types of heavy plant machinery in the construction industry

Heavy plant machinery is extensively used in the construction industry as the primary force behind earthwork projects and both large and small-scale building projects. Projects like road paving, forestry, landscaping, demolition and mining. Heavy plant machinery however is a category for dozens of construction machinery used on site, each machine designed for a specific task to assist on-site, as this list will show the most common type of machine used on-site and why they are so in demand.



The most iconic construction vehicle popularised by the media, the excavator consists of a cab, boom, stick and bucket. The cab sits on a 360 platform and has an undercarriage outfitted with either tracks or wheels. Excavators are mainly used in earthwork projects as their hydraulic arm is able to remove dirt, soil, rock and sand from the ground making the perfect mobile digging vehicle.



A bulldozer is a continuously tracked tractor famous for its land-clearing capability, it mainly comes with a metal plate on its front called a blade. The blade is used to push large amounts of material, such as soil, sand, rocks, debris or even snow. Bulldozers are used heavily in large and small-scale construction, road building, minings and quarrying, on farms and in heavy industry factories.

Dumper truck


A dump truck is used for moving materials from one location to another. It is characterised by its open-box bed, which is found at the rear of the truck and is able to lift the front of the bed in order to dump the material out onto the ground behind the truck.



A loader is used to scoop up and move materials, such as rocks, logs, snow, raw minerals and demolition debris, from one location to another. A loader is usually wheeled and is easily recognized by the front-mounted bucket that’s connected to the end of two booms.



Similar to a Forklift, a Telehandler is equipped with a hydraulic boom. The boom can extend forward and upward, giving the telehandler more versatility than a forklift. Telehandlers can be equipped with attachments—like a pallet fork, muck grab, bucket or winch.

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