Types of Blades used on dozers used in construction

While there are many different types of dozers used in construction, there is an equal amount of blades used by dozers. The type of dozer blade attachment you choose will mainly depend on the type of material you’ll be moving and how much of it you will move. As such, below you will find a list of the five most common types of dozer blades used and best used in construction.

Straight Blade (S-Blade)


The S-Blade is straight and vertical, which means that its ability to lift and carry is more limited than other blades. It does not have side wings and is the shortest type of blade. The blade’s heavyweight and straight edge are what help make it the ideal choice for projects that require fine-grained material and is best used for stripping, shaping, ditching, stumping, backfilling and fine grading.



 The U-Blade has large side wings and a curved design. It’s ideal for pushing material across large expanses of land. It has the largest height and width of all the blade types. The U-Blade is mainly used for ditching, hauling, pushing, crowning and handling materials. 



The S-U blade is a combination of the S blade and the U blade, making it a more versatile and stronger result. Compared to a U-blade, the S-U blade has a narrower shape and is less curved. Its side wings are also smaller.

Angle blade


Because the angle blade can angle nearly 30 degrees left or right, this two-way blade is ideal for moving debris to the side. It does not have wings, however, which means that it can spill. This blade can push a much greater amount of dirt along a large width. 

Power-Angle-Tilt (PAT) Blade


The PAT blade is the most versatile of the dozer blades. It can angle and tilt in nearly every direction. The versatility in movement makes it ideal for spreading soil and clearing debris. This blade also allows the operator to move dirt in a left and right direction while being stationary. 

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