What is a slinger signaller, and what are their duties on-site?

Slinger signallers work closely alongside the lifting team on a construction site to ensure that all lifting operations are carried out safely. To work as a slinger signaller, you’ll need good observation and communication skills and an excellent understanding of construction site health and safety rules and regulations. 

A slinger signaller works as the crane operator’s eyes and ears are down on the ground. It is the slinger signaller’s responsibility to look out for any potential hazards that may compromise the safety of the lifting operation and alert the crane operator to them. A slinger signaller is also responsible for planning lift operations and knowing where the load will be lifted from, where the load will be going, the weight of the load, weather conditions, whether are there any potential obstacles and where the load will pass over. Identifying hazards is a key part of the job as accidents with cranes are never pretty, slinger signallers should always do their best to prevent accidents and follow health and safety regulations to the T.  

To become a slinger signaller you must undergo training that teaches you the standard signs, different types of lifting accessories, weight estimation, and the centre of gravity of loads. The slinger/signaller training course teaches delegates the essential health and safety requirements, regulations, and legal responsibilities that the job involves.

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