What to expect from a plant machinery course

Plant operators may specialize in the operation of a specific plant type or may build on their skills over the years to be capable of handling a variety of equipment. Either way, operators need to complete training to prove they’re in complete control at all times.

Operators are often hired in construction, agriculture, and mining, all of which have a strong focus on safety, communication, alertness, and efficiency.

To start your career in plant operation, you must go through education and training first. We have over 100 construction courses available – including training on rollers, dump trucks, and excavators.

Types of courses available

The CPCS scheme is recognized by the majority of construction trade employers and tests based on experience on-site, health and safety awareness, and professional competence. This course provides proof and the skills of the operator.

CSCS card allows employees to work on UK construction sites as a construction help, apprentice, or qualified worker. All employees within the construction sector must hold a valid CSCS card to be legally employed, as evidence they are trained to work safely.

An IPAF license proves the competence of mobile working platform operators, such as those who would like to operate a scissor lift or a cherry picker. The license is valid for five years and is recognized in 40 countries.

NPORS is the type of license mostly used by those who operate smaller machines or power tools and is recognized by just a small percentage of employers. Most employers prefer workers to have a CSCS license, but the NPORS license is much cheaper to earn.

What to expect

Those who are not currently employed in construction or a similar industry often undergo a plant machinery course as a great way into a new line of work. Others will complete college courses or apprenticeships.

Plant operators are taught how to:

  • Prepare and position machinery before operation
  • Control machines safely and efficiently
  • Effectively manoeuver machinery around the work site
  • Service machinery correctly, including cleaning, lubrication, and minor repairs
  • Work from drawings, verbal instruction, and specifications.

As well as being able to successfully manage machinery, personal skills go a long way in helping plant operators to get qualified.

Personal skills and knowledge

  • Coordination and attention to detail
  • Some previous knowledge of the construction industry
  • Teamwork skills as well as the ability to work independently
  • Ability to operate basic tasks using a computer or mobile device


The price of these courses often comes as a worry to many when they simply needn’t be. Our courses at Construction and Plant Training Services are the best value for money and the cheapest in the UK.

If you find the same course at a lower price elsewhere, we’ll match it.

We also offer the option to learn now and pay later through our finance option, which is available across all of our courses. For more information on our courses, please get in touch.



If you find the same course at a lower price elsewhere, we’ll match it.

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