Which machine is better, a backhoe or an excavator?

The most common heavy machinery used in construction sites is an excavator and backhoe. These two vehicles are also the most popular equipment that heavy plant operators wish to operate on, so today we’re going to figure out which machine is better on-site for an inspiring heavy plant operator.

What is a Backhoe?

A Backhoe is an articulated digger machine with a large frontal bucket used to move large qualities of dirt. It’s usually attached to some type of vehicle such as a tractor or loader and is highly manoeuvrable and fast, meaning its sheer versatility allows it to work in small or populated areas as well as perform many different tasks. Backhoes tend to be paired with bulldozers when on-site.

What is an excavator?

Similar to a Backhoe, an excavator is a heavy machine with an articulated arm and a dipper also used in moving large quantities of dirt. Excavators are mainly hydraulically powered and manoeuvre with the use of treads. They are also equipped with a boom, bucket and cab attached to a 360-moving platform, allowing them to perform multiple tasks. Its rear is also fitted with a heavy counterweight to prevent the excavator from tipping over when lifting serious quantities.

What is the difference between these two machines?

Technically speaking, there is no real difference between a backhoe and an excavator. Both are used for the same task and both are pretty manoeuvrable, the only real difference is their size. Excavators are generally much larger than backhoes, as such, they are mainly used on large-scale projects in large numbers to help dig large trenches or demolish buildings. Backhoes are used on smaller-scale projects, mainly to dig small holes for excavation and pave small roads. 

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