NPORS (National Plant Operators Registration Scheme)

What is NPORS training?

Ever since 1992, NPORS has been raising the standard of machine safety and operation both nationally and internationally. Recognised by the Health and Safety Executive, NPORS ltd provide both the NPORS blue card and NPORS red card, which ensure that machine operators are both certified and competent. Each individual card clearly displays the categories of plant and assessments completed, so that an employer can easily and confidently maintain proof of a capable workforce, in full compliance with current legislation.

As one of the leading operator card schemes, the acronym NPORS meaning – ‘National Plant Operators Registration Scheme’ – is recognised as a mark of excellence in accreditation for plant operators across a wide variety of industries.

How do I become an NPORS operator?

Delivered at a location convenient to you (even on site to save downtime), achieving an NPORS machine ticket couldn’t be easier. Simply enrol yourself or your team on an NPORS training course and a qualified instructor will provide all the specialist skills and knowledge needed to operate safely, efficiently and competently. Each course is tailored to your workplace needs and operator experience level with a wide variety of NPORS ticket categories available. During the course, the expert trainer will professionally explain and demonstrate each chosen plant machine type and ensure that you feel comfortable operating it in your workplace.

After successful completion of the practical and theory aspects of the course, each candidate will receive their NPORS operator card – sometimes referred to as an NPORS CSCS card – which identifies the categories completed and is easily validated by employers and public bodies.

What NPORS courses are available?

There are a wide variety of course categories available within the NPORS blue card and NPORS red card scheme. This allows for a great flexibility of accreditation and is a great alternative choice to CSCS. 

  Some of the many NPORS training categories offered include:

How do I renew my NPORS card?

You may already be a CSCS NPORS operator and are likely aware that accreditation and good industry practice involves regular refresher training to ensure up-to-date knowledge and maintained standards. Many plant operators ask: ‘How can I renew my NPORS card?’ 

  There are 2 available options:

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