N404 Safe Working At Height Course

N404 Safe Working At Height Course

We cordially invite you to our NPORS N404 Safe Working At Height course. Specifically designed to equip you with essential knowledge for safe elevation work, we take pride in delivering quality training. Moreover, our course has full accreditation from the National Plant Operators Registration Scheme (NPORS). Thus, you can expect the highest standard of training.

Who is this course for?

This course caters to those involved in tasks that require working at height. Whether you’re a novice or have experience, our course will enhance your understanding of safety measures. Furthermore, it’s perfect for professionals in the construction, utilities, and highways sectors.

Why choose our course?

Our NPORS N404 Safe Working At Height course stands out for its comprehensive safety practices coverage. Not only does it touch upon legislation, but it also delves into equipment use. We provide a balanced blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights. As a result, you’ll be prepared to work safely at height. Additionally, our trainers, being industry professionals, infuse real-world scenarios into the classroom.

What does the course cover?

The course delves into topics such as understanding the industry, defining roles and responsibilities, and highlighting relevant laws. You’ll also grasp the definition of ‘work at height’, the variety of equipment types, and the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). Most importantly, you’ll discover measures to ensure safety, understand best practices, and learn to sidestep unsafe practices.

Duration, cost, certification

Depending on your experience level, the course duration can vary. You can opt for either a half-day novice course or a half-day refresher course. For detailed fee information, we encourage you to contact us directly. Once you finish the course, we’ll award you an NPORS Operator Card, which remains valid for 3 years.

Join our course today

Seize this opportunity to bolster your skills and deepen your understanding of safety procedures. Enroll in our NPORS N404 Safe Working At Height course today. By doing so, you’re taking a pivotal step towards fostering a safer working environment. Don’t hesitate; reach out to us now to secure your spot.


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