S032 Construction Site Safety Manager Refresher Course

S032 Construction Site Safety Manager Refresher Course

We extend a warm welcome to our NPORS S032 Construction Site Safety Manager Refresher course. This course is designed to update your health and safety knowledge, and it provides a concise overview of the latest legislative changes and their impact on the construction workplace.

Who is this course for?

The NPORS S032 training is for individuals who have completed the S032 training before. It’s ideal for those who want to keep their skills and knowledge current in the ever-changing construction industry.

Why choose our Construction Site Safety Manager Refresher Course?

Our course is recognised by BuildUK and approved by CITB, allowing for grant claims. We stand firm on maintaining high standards and prioritising safety. With our course, you’ll understand how to implement updated health, safety, welfare, and environmental legislation that affects your role.

What does the course cover?

The course covers topics like updated health and safety legislation, new guidance, and industry best practice. It also includes your duties regarding health, safety, welfare, and the environment.

Duration, cost, certification

The duration and cost of the course are competitive, so you receive value for your investment. Upon completion, you’ll receive an NPORS card, recognised in the construction industry. To be eligible for the ‘HS&E TESTED Logo’ on their card, individuals must have passed the CITB Operatives Health, Safety, and Environment Test within the past two years.

Join our course today

Become part of our NPORS community today and take the next step in your career. Our training caters to all stages of your career, whether you’re taking the first step or the fortieth. But don’t delay, apply online today and become part of a company where people matter, because your growth is our priority.


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