N010 Telescopic Handler Course

N010 Telescopic Handler Course

Firstly, welcome to our N010 Telescopic Handler course. This comprehensive training programme aims to provide you with the essential skills and knowledge to operate a Telescopic Handler both safely and efficiently. Moreover, our course has full accreditation from NPORS. This ensures that you benefit from training that adheres to the highest industry standards.

Who is this course for?

Specifically designed for Plant Operators, this course offers a formal qualification for operating a Telescopic Handler. Whether you’re an experienced operator looking to refresh your skills or a newcomer eager to learn, we’ve structured our course to cater to all experience levels. However, it’s essential to have a solid grasp of spoken and written English to engage fully in the course.

Why choose our course?

One of the main reasons to select our course is its unique mix of practical and theoretical exercises. These sessions give participants a deep insight into the Telescopic Handler’s components, functions, and optimal operating methods. Furthermore, our trainers, with their vast occupational and technical knowledge, are always available to provide guidance throughout the course. Additionally, we understand the importance of flexibility, so we offer schedules that fit around your commitments, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

What does the course cover?

Diving into the content, the course delves into various topics. These range from understanding the industry and its inherent risks, pinpointing the machine’s major components, performing pre-operational checks, to safely getting on and off the machine. You’ll also master the art of handling lifts and loads. Beyond that, the course teaches you how to attach, adjust, and detach various components and how to execute end-of-shift and shutdown processes.

Duration, cost, certification

Depending on your prior experience, the course can last anywhere between 1 to 5 days. Once you complete the course successfully, we’ll award you the NPORS Operator Card. This certification is highly esteemed in the industry. If you need detailed information about the course fees, please reach out to us directly.

Join our course today

In conclusion, this is a golden chance to elevate your skills and advance your career. Enrol in our N010 Telescopic Handler course today and embark on a transformative professional journey. Don’t hesitate – contact us today to secure your spot.


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